Tread Sculptures

Published on 18 June 2018

Tim Read

As careers go, earth moving and sculpting are poles apart. Tread Sculptures’ Tim Read discovered the latter after buying a welder to fix a machine necessary for the former. And he hasn’t looked back! “I started playing around, doing a few bits and pieces, around the time we moved to five acres at Bend of Islands on the Yarra River,” says Tim. “With more space for materials, I had the opportunity to explore sculpture, which I taught myself with the welder. Today, I probably do 80 percent sculpture work and 20 percent earthmoving.”

It’s a lifestyle change Tim couldn’t have foreseen; up to that point he’d had little artistic bent. But right now he couldn’t be happier.

“I dabbled in artwork when I lived in Heathmont, but had we stayed there, I couldn’t have made the art I do living here,” says Tim, who draws inspiration from his surrounds. “I’m on five acres of native bushland, the river is 50 metres from the back porch and there’s constant birdlife and animals around us. What’s not to love?”

Tim creates all sorts of items, predominantly with offcuts and scrap metal. Commissioned work comprises roughly 30 percent of his output, with light bollards and exhibition works (you’ll catch his stuff at places like Bulleen Art & Garden and Gallery 34 in Yea) making up the rest. .

“I get some of my material from a big light pole company who specialise in sports grounds and public lighting. They’ll often have off-cuts, which I’ll use to cut patterns and fashion into light bollards.”

Tim says a bonus of being part of The Artisan Hills community is the chance to work alongside some of the region’s other notable artists, among them Research potter, Jack Latti, whose works he combines with steel, and Linda MacAuley, a “fantastic” Eltham painter who creates impressive screens for Tim’s bollards. “She adds bits of metal from the studio to her paint, which changes the colour of the paint and starts to rust. The effect is dramatic.”

“Then there’s Rob Hayley, from Rob’s Glassworx in St Andrews. We’ve created some great stuff together lately. He does these amazing designs and different types of slump glass I incorporate steel work into.”

So, whether you’re looking for beautiful outdoor lighting or something truly unique, Tread Sculptures is a Yarra River spot well worth a visit.


Tread Sculptures, 225 Catani Boulevard, Bend of Islands
0405 101 001